Giving Back - Helping Others

Giving Back + Helping Others

We love to give back to people and groups that are deserving of help. We are grateful that we are in a place to make a difference.

To be more transparent with our customers and vendors, as stated on our mask items, for packages of masks we donate a number of masks of our stock to individuals or organizations in need (currently Frontline Medical Organizations, those undergoing Cancer Treatment or with compromised immune system. Currently we donate 1 mask for every 10 sold (for every box of 50 masks purchased, we donate 5 of ours)

    In addition to the above information provided, we would like to add that the donation associated with the sales of each charity-related product or "donate this product"is not tax-deductible to the purchaser.

    We hope this information and disclaimer is helpful for those that purchase with a cause in mind. If you have further questions, please reach out to us directly.