N95 Face Mask - KN95 Facemask

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Features multi-layer protection, an aluminum adjustable nose clip, elastic headband, a soft nose pad and soft liner.   This is the preferred style for medical professionals during this time of emergency. Filter rating ≥ 95 percent.  N95 / KN95

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Due to the current Coronavirus epidemic in the USA, Covid-19, supplies are limited. 

Currently ships within the USA ONLY usa shipping


Hospitals, Medical Facilities and 501c3 non-profits may contact us for larger quantities and discounts. Not sold to retailers to control stock.

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The price on this product is a direct result of increased costs from manufacturers. This is due to increased raw material costs and increased air freight costs (reduced number of flights) to meet the increased supply requirements of the medical and dental profession during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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